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    • Handcrafted shaving soap from Midnight & Two
    • Loaded with purposeful ingredients to sooth, moisturize, and protect
    • Scented with a masculine aroma of leather, musk, and sandalwood

    Does anything good happen between midnight & two? Well, if it is you and the Midnight & Two shaving soap, then the answer is YES! This company has tinkered with typical formulas that give a good shave, but they wanted to stand out from the crowd, so they've sourced rare, exotic, purposeful and high quality ingredients from around the globe to bring you exceptional wet shaving products. Try Midnight & Two Shaving Soap, The Study.

    These handmade soaps out of Canada are whipping up a serious lather. And they are doing it with natural ingredients that all serve a purpose:

    • stearic acid - vegetable derived, this common product creates a thick, stable lather.
    • castor oil - Provides moisture and foaming and can help treat mild acne.
    • potassium/sodium hydroxide - this is required for saponification (the chemical reaction necessary to create soap).
    • Illipe butter - help the creaminess of the soap and known to enhance skin's elasticity.
    • palm oil - sustainably derived, this oil replaces tallow and can have anti-aging benefits.
    • avocado oil - highly moisturizing, this oil can also "turn back the hands of time).
    • kokum butter - similar to illipe butter, it adds creaminess and elasticity to the skin.
    • virgin hemp oil - highly moisturizing, this also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is added during and after saponification to enhance its benefits.
    • vegetable glycerin - provides anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties.
    • silk protein - increases slickness, commonly found in high-end cosmetics.

    And with this great scent, you get the aroma of gentleman's den- redolent of leather, musk, and a hint of tobacco. Only essential oils are used in the creation of Midnight & Two aromas. Vetiver, sandalwood, and petitgrain lay a masculine, earthy exotic base and a hint of lavender adds a lighter, sweeter note to keep it interesting. Grab a tub of this exceptional soap and find your man cave: Midnight & Two Shaving Soap, The Study.

    Size: 4oz.

    Made in Canada

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