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30% Off All WCS Shaving Brushes + 10% Off All Other Shaving Brushes!

Mountain Mike Latigo Strop Hanger

Color: Black
  • 3 piece system for hanging your strop
  • Leather strip, screw, and washer included
  • Leather Conditioner also available

Use this strop hanging system to attach your strop to a fixed position. Using the included leather strop, screw, and washer, you can make your stropping even easier. Slip the leather strip through the metal ring at the end of your strop to create a loop, then insert the screw through the washer and both holes of the leather. Attach to the surface you want to permanently affix it to.  Once it is secured you can leave your strop to hang or remove it, if desired. 

This is latigo leather (the same material as many strops). You can get it in mahogany or black to match your strop. It works well with most hanging strops.

About Mountain Mike

For almost 40 years, Mountain Mike has been crafting custom leather goods and more. In the virtually lost art of leather working, Mike is a designer and craftsman. He is also a customer as he wears much of this work, which has helped him to endure the winters of mile-high Idyllwild, CA.  


  • leather strip - 1"x4"x1/8"
  • screw - 1 1/2"
  • washer - 5/8" diameter