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    If you don't know much about the products manufactured by Mr. Natty, then it is high time that you started to learn more about them. Aside from having some great names, such as this Mr. Natty Bring Me Sunshine Beard Elixir, they also have a reputation for quality. If you've been trying to find a nice way to tame your beard and to make it nice and healthy, not to mention make it smell better, this is a good choice. Wait, what's that about smelling better? Do beards have a bad scent? Not always, no, but it can happen, and if you are going to maintain custody of a luscious facial garden, then you had better take proper care of it. Beard elixir can help with that.

    While this is a new product, it really does have that traditional feel. It has a nice mixture of vetiver and black pepper. This has a scent you will enjoy and so will those who decide to get close to you and your whiskers. You only need to have a few drops of this stuff for it to go to work too. If you aren't going to shave it, just make sure you are taking care of it!

    Size: 8 ml

    Made in England

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