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    Elixir for your facial hair? Sounds like something that Harry Potter's friend Hagrid might need to use in order to tame the wild smell of his wily mass of face fur. However, as magical as this product might be, it's very real, and it might be something that you could use to take care of your own wild and wooly beard.

    This elixir really is something special, too. It uses some of the best natural ingredients you will find, including oils that really do make your beard - better. Not only are those oils great for your facial hair, it will provide you with something that you may have never even thought about. You will have a mass of hair on your face that actually smells nice. The thing is right under your nose, you would think that you could smell when it was not exuding the best of scents, but most guys simply don't know.

    With Mr Natty Famous Beard Elixir, you will have the wonderfully soothing scent of the woods. It lets you keep things smelling nice and clean; and once you start using it, you will wonder just how you ever got on without it. Make it a part of your routine.

    Size: 8 ml

    Made in England

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