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    • Light wax with a tight hold keeping unwanted flyaways secure
    • High shine
    • Petroleum based
    • Parma Violet fragrance

    You like to look good and take care of your hair. After all, you've got people to impress, and you never know when you might happen past a mirror. The last thing you want to realize is that the reason you've gotten so many smiles and whispers when you pass by people on the street or in the club is that you have some wild flyaway hairs doing acrobatics on your head. You have to tame those beasts; and with Mr. Natty's Pomade Wax Hair Preparation, you can do just that.

    This pomade offers a great hold so you can be sure you are always looking as though you are on point and at the top of your game. Still, it doesn't go on too thick. It is a nice and light wax, and it can offer just the perfect amount of hold for you. It keeps everything nice and in place no matter what you might be doing' within reason. We imagine that skydiving without a helmet might mess the hair a bit! Overall though, this pomade is ideal for the guy who wants to keep on looking great the whole day long. You might want to try some soon to see how well it works.

    Size: 100 ml

    Made in England.

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