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    • All-in-one shower wash from Mr. Natty
    • "Proper lively" lather with a little caffeine to get you going
    • Scented with the Shipwreck scent of vetiver, patchouli, & a bit of cocoa

    Ah, Mr. Natty. . ."master barber to royals, ragtaggle, and ruffians". When you want to go old-school, you look to Mr. Natty and his British stiff-upper-lip grooming essentials. So what is he doing creating a shower wash?? Hey, even Mr. Natty knows "sometimes you do need to adapt." So they've created a take-it-with-you-anywhere-head-to-toe cleanser to start your day off right: Mr. Natty's Shipwreck Shower Wash.

    A cleanser like this means you can take it with you on the go. So if you are facing weeks at sea chasing pirates or months at sea pillaging and plundering or even a sweaty workout at the gym, you need a great lather to make you feel unstoppable. You'll get that with this wash, because Natty slipped in a little special ingredient - caffeine. Now you don't just drink it you can WASH with it, to get your day off to a roaring start. There's always time for a proper groom when you have Shipwreck Shower Wash.

    If you love Mr. Natty's Shipwreck soap, now you can get the famous warming and woody scent in this wash. Infused with vetiver, patchouli and a smidgeon of cocoa, this masculine scent says earthy and manly. It lathers up "proper lively" and you can use it port to starboard, bow to stern to get a good cleaning. (Don't forget behind your ears and, ahem, below decks).

    Keep it clean with Mr. Natty's Shipwreck Shower Wash.

    Size: 250ml

    Made in England

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