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    • Limited Edition Safety Razor
    • Closed comb, three piece classic shaver
    • Gold-plated, textured handle

    Like wet shaving itself, Muhle has weathered some ups and downs. But like anything of quality, its worth rises to the top. So with classic shaving -- so, too, with Muhle. Since 1945 (when the first products left on horse-drawn carts) to today (when spacious buildings meet high ecological standards for exemplary in-house production), Muhle has stood for "rare craftsmanship and consummate design". One look at their razors and you can see why.

    This limited-edition safety razor is a thing of beauty (because there can never be enough beautiful items). The Muhle R89 series is a well-known and loved grooming tool. Elaborately processed and refined, this elegant safety razor will class up any den. It takes any standard, double-edge blade and delivers an exceptional shave.

    The handle is textured for grip in wet environments. And covered with a fine layer of high-grade genuine gold. Only 999 pieces were made so get it while you can. Beauty and function, you can’t beat that.

    Made in Germany

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