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    John B.
    • Value for Money

    Closest shave. Requires care.

    I worked my way up to this bad boy. I have sort of a strange shaving routine. I do the first pass with the mercury 34c and a feather blade. When I used the Muhle first I was getting some unpleasant tugging and I already had the merkur. For the second pass and touch up I use the muhle with a persona blade. This guy will give you as close a shave as you could off. If anything I have to be careful to not shave too close on my neck to avoid bad razor burn. The trick with this guy is to barely hold on to the handle and let the razor glide. Beware those who like to scrape!! You will pay for your hubris!! As to value, this guy is high performance but you pay for it. It's sort of for the shaving hobbyist. The merkur 37c will give a very good shave and is cheaper.

    Judd A.
    • Value for Money

    Judd R Albers

    I have been using a double edge razor for about a year it was a cheap one that they sell everywhere just got done shaving with the Muhle R41 Grand it was heavenly great don't be afraid of the reputation no nicks close shave absolutely no pulling used a preshave oil plus got a new West Coast shaving brush with their shaving soap best shave ever oh used Wilkensen blades.

    Derrick J.
    • Value for Money

    Refined aggressiveness

    This razor gets a lot of press for being very aggressive. It is true, that I would not recommend this razor to an inexperienced shaver. This razor demands that you respect the angle in which you were cutting, but it also gives the closest shave that I've ever had. The razor is quite beautiful, and all the details are well taken care of. The name of the game with this razor is to take it slow and in sure that you have very sharp blades (I mean, ensure they've not started to wear down at all). The razor is a once a week one for me, it quite literally makes my face hairless and the next day there is not enough to shave. All of this in a very refined shaving experience.

    William K.
    • Value for Money

    Too aggressive

    I used a murker slant for 15 years and this is much harder to use. If you can shave with ZERO pressure it is ok. I also bought the 89 and love the looks of it but it is slightly too unaggressive. Best shave for money is the 23C however every now and then I try the 41. just difficult to use. 89 couldn't be any easier..

    Rob Swan
    • Value for Money

    The best razor I have ever owned

    I received my new razor and love it. Its not a beginner razor. There are a lot of good razors on west coast shaving. I just like Muhle. Thank you west coast shaving.