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    The Muhle R41 GRANDE Double Edge Safety Razor is the pinnacle of shaving; and for those who have been on the hunt for a great option for their next wet shaving razor, it could be just what they need. It could also be a great first option for those who are making the transition from electronics or disposables to the old school blades.

    Getting a good shave is not always easy unless you are using the right tools. Disposables are certainly not the right tools. Even though you can replace the blades in these safety models, those blades are of a much higher quality than those little yellow ones that don't do much more than irritate your face. This model comes with a single blade, as well as a short set of instructions.

    What is it that makes this model different from the others in Muhle's line? The GRANDE actually has a longer and a wider handle than the other model, the regular R41. This also will fit the RHM SR Safety Razor Stand. The look and the basic design are the same though. Both work very well. It just depends on whether you want the larger option you see here. The R41 is also the open comb line; whereas, the R89 is the closed comb line.

    Length: 4.2 inches

    Weight: 89 grams

    Made in Germany.

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