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    • High quality safety razor for the ambitious wet shaver
    • Chrome-plated for beauty in form and function
    • Replaceable blades available

    Like wet shaving itself, Muhle has weathered some ups and downs. But like anything of quality, its worth rises to the top. So with classic shaving -- so, too, with Muhle. Since 1945 (when the first products left on horse-drawn carts) to today (when spacious buildings meet high ecological standards for exemplary in-house production), Muhle has stood for "rare craftsmanship and consummate design". One look at their razors and you can see why.

    Muhle R41 Twist Double Edge Safety Razor is a beautiful amalgam of form and function. A simple twist of the small wheel at the end of the handle and the end cap of the head is released. The open tooth comb stays firmly attached to the handle but the disposable blade can be tossed and replaced quickly and easily. The open comb allows for a more aggressive shave so this is recommend for more seasoned veterans. And it is a hefty tool for those who like more weight in their razor.

    The beautiful, knurled, chrome-plated handle is a feat of functional design. Chrome gives a lustrous allure, but it is also corrosion-resistant and durable. The knurling adds beauty and a non-slip grip. This lovely grooming essential looks great on your bathroom vanity.

    Get a quality shave with a quality razor from a quality company: Muhle R41 Twist Double Edge Safety Razor.

    Made in Germany

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