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25% Off End Of Summer Clearance Sale!
25% Off End Of Summer Clearance Sale!

Muhle R89 Replacement Head Only, Safety Razor, Closed Comb

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  • Replacement Closed Comb Head
  • Fits the Meule R89 safety razor
  • Chrome-plated and corrosion-resistant

Like wet shaving itself, Muhle has weathered some ups and downs. But like anything of quality, its worth rises to the top. So with classic shaving -- so, too, with Muhle. Since 1945 (when the first products left on horse-drawn carts) to today (when spacious buildings meet high ecological standards for exemplary in-house production), Muhle has stood for "rare craftsmanship and consummate design". One look at their razors and you can see why.

The Muhle R89 series is a well-known and loved grooming tool. Elaborately processed and refined, this elegant safety razor will class up any den. And these replacement head means that you can extend the life of your razor if the head get damaged. 

This closed comb head fits all standard, double edge razor blades. It provides a close, comfortable shave. A closed comb head is a popular choice as the "closed" in comb creates a barrier between the blade and skin, providing for a mild, but smooth shave.

Made in Germany