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30% OFF Summer Clean Up Sale!

Muhle Rocca Jet R96 Safety Razor

  • Traditional shaving razor
  • Modern aesthetic
  • All Black razor

Muhle - that name itself seems synonymous with wet shaving luxury. For nearly three-quarters of a century, this German company has been meticulously crafting shaving requisites of the highest quality - from design to materials to workmanship. Through the ups and down of wars and politics, they have stood the test of time,

This gorgeous line of Rocca (Italian for fort/castle is denotes the longevity you can expect from this brand) shaving instruments are simple, but masculine. They are a little more modern than many of Muhle’s distinctive offerings. Made from the finest, most durable stainless steel, they are enhanced with materials to make them stand out.

The simple, knurled handle is completely blacked out. The inspiration for this design is the knurling found on the handle of many classic safety razors. The honeycomb-like texture offers and excellent grip and tactile feel. This dramatic, all black razor will enhance any decor. 


  • Dimension: 41 mm x 105 mm
  • Weight: 80 g

Made in Germany