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    Are you a traveler? Whether you travel by choice for pleasure or by necessity for business, you know that packing and keeping all of your items intact and in good condition may not always be easy. This is especially true when it comes to toiletries. You have to take special care of your items if you want them to last. One of the items that tend to see quite a bit of damage during travel is your shave brush. To work properly, they need to be in good shape and have all of their bristles. Rough travel can make it look like poor Charlie Brown's Christmas tree before long.

    How can you do that? The best way ' the proper way ' is with this Muhle Round Protective Tube. The plastic container serves as the perfect protective casing for your brush. It goes in nice and easy and keeps it looking great. Just try to make sure you are only putting a dry one into it.

    While this is a perfect tube for carrying your item, keep in mind that it doesn't actually come with a brush. Choose from one of the many options available if you are in need of something new to get the job done right!

    Height: 5 inch/127mm
    Diameter: 1.87 inch/47.5mm

    Made in Germany.

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