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    • Strong hold wax made from the highest grade beeswax from Australia
    • Great on dreads, braids, and other complicated styles
    • Tinted black to blend with dark hair

    Made from 100% Australian beeswax, this product from Murray's can seriously help with keeping your hair looking its best. It seals the ends on dreadlocks and braids, making it great for people who want to wear them long-term and who want to make certain that they don't get torn up from exposure to the environment. It helps to reduce the appearance of existing damage and to prevent further damage at the same time. It's a natural formulation, so you don't have to worry about putting anything harsh on your scalp.

    Murray's Black BEESWAX is also great for people with very large curls. It has the kind of hold that you would have to use a lot of cheap product to get, but this does it with very little and does it very reliably. Once you get it in place, it will stay there for the long haul and will protect your follicles all day and all night. It also has conditioning properties, so it's not just sitting on the shafts, it's also providing nutrients that keep your follicles as healthy as possible, one more good reason to consider adding this item to your grooming routine.

    Size: 4 oz/114g

    Made in the USA

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