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    • Maximum hold of beeswax with gel consistency
    • High shine for maximum sleekness
    • Gel base provides easy application

    Edgewax from Murray's offers a great combination of qualities. First and foremost, the hold is very firm. If you have hair that tends to just get out of control on you all the time, this will help. On the other hand, this has a gel consistency, which means it's very easy to apply. It also means that, at the end of the day, it washes out easily. A gentle shampoo will get all of it out, even though it holds your style in place like it means it. This is a wonderful bringing together of convenience and control.

    This will work on just about any style, but is particularly well-suited to more complicated ones. It has 100% Australian beeswax in it, so you can be sure that the product is of a high quality and that it really does live up to the promises that it makes. This is not cheap department store stuff. If you want to give yourself a seriously good look and you want to make certain that it stays the way you wanted it to be, this is something that can help you do that. It's also very good for your follicles, so you're protecting them at the same time.

    Size: 4 oz/120ml

    Made in the USA

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