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    • Strongly holds cornrows, braids, locs, and twists tight and long
    • Non-flaking, moisturizing, and creamy
    • Contains olive oil and sweet almond oil

    The Gel Loc-Lock formula for Murray's is ideal for people who wear cornrows, braids, dreadlocks, and twists. If you happen to have longer hair that you just want to keep under control, this is also a good choice. It has excellent moisturizing properties, and it helps prevent your follicles from taking further damage from the environment and, quite effectively, to lessen the appearance of distress that your hair has already endured. This can allow you to keep a style for longer and to do so without ruining the health of your locks.

    The gel consistency of this makes it very easy to apply. It comes in a generous 8 ounce size, which is a lot of this to go around. Even if you have a long style, you'll find that you have plenty to work with. It comes at a surprisingly low price, particularly given the quality and quantity that you get. If you need to repair damage that is extensive, you may want to look at a product that has coconut oil in it. For protecting the cornrows, dreadlocks, or braids that you have and making sure they stay the way you want them to stay, this is a great option.

    Size: 8 oz/236 ml

    Made in the USA

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