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    • Medium-strong hold for all-day control of waves, curls, bobs, and straight hair
    • High shine is great for the "wet" look
    • Oil-based for shine


    Murray's Nu-Nile Hair Slick is a great, far less irritating alternative to cheap, strong-hold hair products. It definitely keeps your locks in place, but you won't smell like a combination of a flowering bush and a chemical plant after you use it. This has the slick effect that can give you a very classic rebel sort of look. You don't have to wear that much of it, but if you want to look like those kids in The Outsiders, this is the stuff. It also washes out easily with a good shampoo, so it's not going to clog up your scalp or cause other problems.

    You can use this with your fingers. Just put some on the tips and rub it through. Preferably, do this while looking in a mirror and making a tough expression. Seriously though, this is quality stuff. If you want that classic sort of '20s look, this is a necessity. It keeps everything exactly as you put it. It happens to work well with curly textures, as well as with fine ones, and it has conditioning properties. If you just need really good moisturizing during the day, using a small amount can work wonders.

    Size: 3 oz/85g

    Made in the USA