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    • Hand-thrown, one-of-a-kind stoneware for the classic shaver
    • Unique, beautiful, and functional microwave safe mug
    • Handmade in the USA


    Most people are clueless as to what a shaving mug is really for. But for classic shaving gentlemen who know that the secret to a clean and close trim is a hot lather, this is the best tools in their arsenal. This unique and hand-made stoneware shaving bowl looks like a piece of art, but it is both beautiful and functional. Made from earthy gold and green stoneware, this bathroom companion has a comfortable handle that will prevent it from slipping out of wet hands or fingers. It also has been heated up to 2300 degrees with a long heat soak to allow its outside glaze to run, mingle, pool, form micro-crystals, and produce warm and wonderful colors.

    It is also not shaped like usual mugs as the center is thrown slightly off, giving it an elegant and slim look perfect for whipping up a frothy lather. Although smaller than the average shaving soap puck, the bottom of the cup is smooth and sleek, but not so polished that it'll slip and slide on your bathroom counter.

    These bowls are perfect for pouring a melted puck of shaving soap into the bottom, since they are a smaller size than most shaving soaps. You can also insert a shaving puck and place this mug directly into the microwave to melt the soap to the proper shape.

    All sizes are approximate, as these are all hand-made, one-of-a-kind bowls.

    Width of top opening: 4 inches (approx.)
    Width of bottom: 2.7 inches (approx.)

    Made in the USA

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