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    • Beautifully hand-crafted porcelain mug
    • Suitable for daily use
    • Microwave safe


    Every gentleman knows that having the perfect shaving mug equates to a smoother shaving experience. That's what these uniquely hand- made porcelain mugs bring to the table (or sink).

    The translucent porcelain used to make the cup was extracted from the finest kaolin clay from New Zealand. It was heated to 2300 degrees to make it durable and translucent. The clear glaze makes the mug easy to clean and no leakage is expected since it is vitrified. It's truly suitable for daily use.

    For aesthetic effect, it is crafted with a touch of aquamarine and designed to flare out at the top so wet shavers could effortlessly whip up a lot of lather whenever they shave. The bottom of the cup is slightly smaller compared to regular shaving pucks, so it's recommended that you melt the soap first to help it fit better. The innovative handle provides a comfortable, slip-free grip, and its round knob shape gives the user a perfect angle when using.

    These bowls are perfect for pouring a melted puck of shaving soap into the bottom, since they are a smaller size than most shaving soaps.

    Reminder: Although each product was carefully hand-crafted, there might be some slight differences in their appearance. However, rest assured that they are made from the finest materials, and they feature the same great qualities.

    All sizes are approximate, as these are all hand-made, one-of-a-kind bowls.

    Width of top opening: 4 inches (approx.)
    Width of bottom: 2.7 inches (approx.)

    Made in the USA

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