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    It's here! In response to overwhelming popular demand, Ogallala has translated their very popular Bay Rum and Lemon Grass scent into a shaving soap stick. It gives you all the benefits of rich shea butter and other natural ingredients, the same ones that are found in the bowl soap but with the convenience of hand-lathering ' no brush necessary, just splash some water on your face, add some to the stick, and lather it up in your hands. It's nourishing and hydrating, and you can't beat the combination of traditional bay rum and lemongrass.

    Don't be surprised if people you've never seen before in your life demand to know what's making you smell so good!

    The other wonderful thing about this product is how portable it is ' for places where it's not practical to take along a brush and bowl, this is just what you need! Why not buy a few to give to the guys on your team for out-of-town games?

    Size: 2.5 oz.

    Made in the USA.

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