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    This product brings years of tradition together with modern convenience ' it's Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum on a stick! You know that Bay Rum is the great-great-many-times-great-granddaddy of shaving products. It's been in use practically from time immemorial, likely because people are reluctant to let go of a good thing. Even in this modern era with its chemical-based scents, some things just keep right on going.

    For that matter, the wet shave is a pretty traditional thing. The soap stick, not so much. So if you have one foot firmly planted in the past and the other in the here and now, we think you'll quickly become a fan of this product. It's super for lathering, and leaves your skin feeling silky-smooth, just the same as conventional bowl soap but without the need for a brush. All you need to do is wet both your face and the stick and then transfer the lather using your hands. It couldn't be more convenient!

    If you're traveling, or heading for the gym, and don't want to have to take along a full kit, this gives you portability and ease of use.

    Size: 2.5 oz

    Made in the USA.

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