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    • Deodorant stick to keep you confident
    • Scented with the classic aroma of bay rum with a hint of vanilla
    • Matching aftershave, shave soap, and bath soap available


    You've washed, shaved, moisturized, brushed, and pomaded. What more does your grooming routine need? Well, you can't neglect to deodorize. That's why Ogallala Bay Rum is pleased to offer a bay rum (what else?) scented stick to keep you smelling fine even when the temperature rises: Ogallala Bay Rum & Vanilla Stick Deodorant.

    The Ogallala legend holds that this Nebraka town was the end of the line for cattle drives and sweaty, smelly cowboys. Before seeking their entertainment on this "Gomorrah of the plains", these cattlemen would visit the local barber to cut the trail dust and splash on some Ogallala Bay Rum. Now you can get this iconic fragrance, too.

    Straight from the heartland comes a myriad of Bay Rum scents from Ogallala, "largest line of bay rum products in the world". This newest is a combination of Bay Rum and vanilla. Sure to tickle your fancy, this smooth, warm scent comes in a deodorant stick to help you feel confident all day long. Pair it with a matching Bay Rum & Vanilla Aftershave, Shaving Soap, and Bath Soap.

    Complete your grooming ritual with the iconic scent of Bay Rum!

    Size: 2.5oz

    Made in the USA

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