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Ogallala Set, Bay Rum and Sandalwood

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  • A great set of complete grooming products from Ogallala Bay Rum
  • Includes Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soap, Aftershave, Stick Deodorant, & Bath Soap
  • Scented with an exotic twist on a classic -- bay rum & sandalwood

From 17th century pirates to 19 century cowboys to 20th century gents, Bay Rum has earned its place in the history of men's grooming. If you the love the spicy, masculine scent, then we think you'll also love it with the exotic twist of sandalwood. Ogallala Bay Rum provides a plethora of sensory experiences with their soaps, aftershaves, and more. Lather up from head to toe with this grooming set: Ogallala Set, Bay Rum & Sandalwood.

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  • Value for Money

Great line of products!

I've been using the Ogallala Brand for about a year now. My favorite is the Bay Rum and Sandalwood combo. I've found that the soap really lathers well when I use a synthetic brush and a tad more water. It's great for face and head shaving, giving plenty of slip for the perfect safety razor shave. I don't use a straight razor so cannot speak to that. For me, I like the continuation from the body soap to shave soap then to the aftershave and deodorant. The smell is very nice and my wife likes it very much since it's not overpowering.

  • Value for Money

Good and bad.

So I made this purchase due to it being cost effective first and foremost. But after using the products for a little while I am regretting some of my decision. I do like the underarm deodorant and aftershave, but the shaving soap is terrible. The body soap is OK, but I probably will not buy it again. I do like the scents of the soap, aftershave and deodorant. The problem I have with the Shave soap is that no matter how I try and get a good lather to shave with it does not last on my face long enough to shave with. The soap begins to dry quickly and I begin shaving right after I apply it. I can get one side of my face done but need to apply more in order to do the other side and I have never had this problem with some of the more pricey shave soaps I have used. I use double edge and straight razors to shave with, I like to change it up sometimes. I will not be ordering this soap again and will be trying to get a refund. I guess the motto still stands, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I am rating the whole order as an OK value due to the other products being better than the shave soap.