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    • Twist-up tube deodorant
    • Vegetable protein based for natural odor-fighting
    • Unscented for sensitive skin and nose

    Ogallala Bay Rum was born out of a desire to find the most traditional, classic, "that's what I remember" bay rum possible. And they have done that with aftershaves, shaving soaps, bath soaps, and more. But sometimes, you don't need bay rum. (Gasp, it's true.) So Ogallala offers this unscented deodorant option.

    Sensitive skin, sensitive nose. . . whatever your reason, if you don't want a scented deodorant, then check this out. Built on a base of vegetable protein that neutralizes bad odors naturally, it's a great alternative to harsh chemicals. It keeps you fresh all day, but without aluminum or bactericides. Fresh and clean - the natural way.

    And you can still add any other scent of your choosing, making this quite a versatile product. Drop it in your dopp kit, count on it in your cabinet, leave one in the locker room.

    Never be without an Ogallala Unscented Deodorant stick.

    Size: 2.5oz twist-up tube

    Made in the USA

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