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    If you like wet-shaving and appreciate a good shaving stick but you prefer to leave the fragrance until afterward, you'll appreciate this Genuine Ogallala Unscented Shaving Stick. It lathers up wonderfully and leaves your skin feeling smooth and well-nourished, but there's no fragrance at all. Unscented products have been used for quite some time by men who possess sensitive skin or who don't necessarily want to layer scent upon scent.

    You'll also appreciate how easy it is to take this product along with you wherever you're going ' no need to pack a bowl or mug, because all you need is to wet the stick, work up a lather in your hands, and then apply it to your moist face. No fuss at all. Women will like this product for their legs and armpits too ' it's super-easy to use in the bathtub or the shower and fits easily into a travel case.

    Size: 2.5 oz

    Made in USA.