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30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!
30% Off Of Our Summer Clean Up Sale!

Omega 0146113 HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving Brush

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SKU SB-OME-146113

If your skin does not react well to badger/boar hair brushes or even if it does, you may want to try a synthetic hair shaving brush. With its distinct chrome-ribbed handle, this brush won't easily slip out of your hand even when it's wet. This brush is a great alternative for those who don't want to use animal products. It will work/lather well with both soaps and creams. Although synthetic hair brushes do not have the natural water-absorbing qualities that animal hair does, you won't have to worry about properly drying your brush to as great of an extent either. This brush makes for a great travel or regular home shaving companion. We would consider this to be a larger-sized shaving brush.

Height: 111mmLoft: 56mmBase: 54mmKnot: 25mm

(Dimensions are approximations).

Made in Italy