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    Bruce L.

    Great brush

    Soft, works well. A great brush and the price is right.

    • Value for Money

    Amazing brush for sensitive skin.

    This brush is amazing for how inexpensive it was. I was a sucker and bought the overpriced brush from Art of Shaving at $150. This lathers faster and produced a much better lather (using Castle Forbes and Mitchel's Wool Fat). A great thing to consider if you have sensitive skin and are allergic to animals. I broke out in a rash each time i used the badger brush with every type of cream and soap.

    Ronald M.
    • Value for Money

    Synthetic Hi-Brush

    I bought this brush because it was viually what I felt was a modern-day version of a timeless classic. I was not disappointed. It put lather together quite nicely and the handle is perfect for my midsize mitts. My first synthetic but not my ladt. Thanks.

    Scott M.
    • Value for Money

    Soft brush that dries in a flash, great for travel, "Vegan-friendly"

    I've use badger, boar and horse and been happy with all of them. Each type of hair has its own particular strengths and weaknesses. Silvertip badger (Semogue 730HD, Kent BLK-4) is soft and generates a wonderful lather esp with croaps and creams during a face lather, but has minimal backbone compared to horse and boar.and has almost no exfoliating ability. Boar (Semogue 830) once broken in exfoliates well. I (at least mine does) also has a nice backbone which makes it easier, IMHO, when you are lathering off a hard puck. It isn't as comfortable as silvertip and horse, you have to soak it for at least 4-5 minutes and it takes a while to dry out. It also takes 20-30 shaves before the ends start to split (brush break-in) Horse (Vie-Long 13052) sort of a blend of both soft with a stiff-ish backbone. A compromise of sorts. Still a nice brush that lathers well and dries OK. Has the option of being "Vegan" for those who need this sort of thing. OK, On to the Omega, I had to chose between the S-series which was described as "Boar-like" and The HI-Brush, which was described as a Silvertip substitute with a bit of a back bone. Obviously, i bought the Hi Standard. Pros: - sturdy construction - lathers well, not quite as well as natural fibers, but close - good backbone about like a horse brush - cloud soft tips better than my Kent BLK-4 - No break-in period - Dries well enough to pack for travel if rinsed in hot water in 5 minutes Cons: - Not as good at lathering as natural fibers - No exfoliation of face Final Score: Great brush for travel, I use it at home with new soaps/creams as well. If you prefer a badger or horse on most days and want a synthetic...buy this brush. If you prefer a Boar brush on most days (based on reviews) the Omega S-series might be more to your liking.

    Patrick C.
    • Value for Money

    Great Synthetic Silver Tip

    With most things shaving I like to rotate a variety of products: a couple of razors, several different blades, a couple of different creams and aftershaves, etc. But so far this is the only brush I've used, and I just might keep it that way. It works great and is so reasonably priced. Other reviewers have indicated that the Hi brush is far better than cheap badger and boar brushes. It seems that only a good silver tip could be better. This is a synthetic silver tip so it hits the mark, or at least very close to it, for a small fraction of the price. It feels great, and like a prior reviewer stated don't be afraid to mash it into your face so that it spreads in a sort of starburst. Mine hasn't shed a single bristle and I've had it a while.