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Founded in 1931, the Italian brush company Omega has maintained its status as a family-run business for four generations, with a reputation that extends well beyond the borders of Italy. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and careful selection of raw materials has solidified their position as a leading manufacturer of top-of-the-line grooming tools, from paintbrushes to shaving brushes. Among their standout offerings is the Omega 11047 Banded Boar Shaving Brush, a bestseller at WCS.

This distinctive brush features a unique blend of banded boar and badger hair, combining the strength and backbone of boar bristles with the softness of badger hair tips. With its ability to create a rich lather, exfoliate the skin, and lift whiskers, this brush offers both functionality and comfort. Despite its compact size, aptly nicknamed the "mixed midget," it delivers exceptional performance, making it a reliable choice for daily shaving routines. Completed with a veined jade acrylic handle, this brush not only performs admirably but also adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to any grooming collection, standing out amidst the more conventional chrome and ivory options.

Total Height: 73 mm

Loft: 43mm

Knot: 20mm

Hair: Banded boar / Badger mix

Dimensions are approximate

Made in Italy

  • SKU: SB-OME-11047
  • Brand: Omega
  • Type: Shaving Brush

Omega 11047 Banded Boar Shaving Brush

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