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    • Functional, economical shaving brush from Omega
    • Plastic handle comes in three colors: black, white, red
    • Loaded with synthetic boar hair


    Since 1946, Omega has been leading in the charge in creating quality brushes for professionals. Paint, cosmetic, and shaving brushes all benefit from their superior selection of raw materials and manufacturing know-how. Their grooming essentials can be found in homes and shops around the world - from high-end badger hair and wood handles to economical synthetics with plastic handles, they have a brush for everyone. Check out Omega S-Brush Model S10049, Black.

    This brush is part of their S-series, a line of synthetic boar-type brushes. The imitation boar bristles are soft (more so than boar) but they offer great backbone, whip up a respectable lather, and offer a "scritchy" face feel. And you get all the benefits of synthetic - quick-drying, durable, and no need for soaking.

    These wonder bristles are packed into a plastic handle in a variety of colors. Plastic means durable, water-proof, and fun - you can get one in every color to match your mood. The Omega logo S-brush is printed on the handle so you can't mistake your favorite brush.

    Economical, functional, and fun. Get it in all three colors for your gym bag, dopp kit, and bathroom. You can't go wrong with Omega: black, red, white.


    • Knot: 1.06in/27mm
    • Loft: 2.25in/57.3mm

    Made in Italy

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