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    • Quality shaving brush from Omega
    • Loaded with synthetic boar hair
    • Plastic handle in three colors: blue & black, red & black, green & black

    Omega has a been a worldwide leader in brush making since 1946. With careful selection of raw materials and extensive experience, they create a professional quality product in a variety of sizes, fibers, and handles. And they haven't stopped innovating, their S-brush line is a range of synthetic hair brushes with unique benefits. Like Omega S-Brush Model S10077, Blue & Black.

    If you've never looked a synthetic before, look now. Omega's cutting edge fiber stimulates a broken-in natural boar knot (in fact, you might not be able to tell the difference). So what do you get with a brush like this? Well, no breaking period, no pre-soaking necessary, quick-drying, and durable. With a grooming requisite like this, you are sure to whip up a frothy lather in no time.

    The 10077 model is the smallest brush in the line up. But it works great. The backbone, or fiber stiffness, is good for whipping up a froth, but it isn't so stiff that it doesn't bend. It splays fairly easily to load with either soap or cream. The hollow handle is black plastic with a variety of translucent bottoms so you can get the one to fit your mood or your decor: blue & black, red & black, green & black. Or get them all and keep one in your gym bag, one in your dopp bag, one in every bathroom. . .


    • Total Height: 97.6mm/ 3.84in
    • Loft: 48.7mm/ 1.92in
    • Knot: 23.1mm/ 0.91in

    Made in Italy

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