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    • Quality Pro-series S-brush from Omega
    • Loaded with synthetic boar hair
    • Large brush with chromed plastic handle


    Italian brushmaker, Omega, has been crafting quality brushes - cosmetic, paint, and shaving - since 1946. With their expert experience and careful selection of raw materials, they have been keeping professionals happy the world over. Now you can benefit from their expertise and innovation with a brush from their S line. These are loaded with snythetic boar hair to take your shave to a new level. Try Omega S-Brush Model S10083, Chrome.

    Let this brush change your mind about synthetics. Look at some of the benefits:

    • you don't need to "break it in" - it's ready to shave
    • you don't need to pre-soak to get it ready
    • it is quick-drying so you don't need to worry about mildew and other issues with natural fibers
    • it is durable and long-lasting

    This brush has a strong backbone and a scritchy face feel. And it is a large brush from Omega's Pro-series.

    All the goodness is loaded into a chromed plastic handle with the Omega logo in black: simple and clean. And for under $10, you can get one for every bathroom in the house.

    Get your shave one with Omega S-Brush Model S10083, Chrome.


    • Total Height: 123.2mm/4.85in
    • Loft: 54.3mm/ 2.14in
    • Knot: 27.8mm/ 1.09in

    Made in Italy