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    From the manufacturer of superior quality grooming essentials for men is an aftershave balm that_'´è_´è___s filled with skin toning and moisturizing properties. Osma Tradition After Shave Balm is made with ingredients that give your face the love and care it needs; even men with sensitive skin will love this product. Thanks to a cocktail of natural ingredients infused in this grooming essential, you will always have a pleasurable and relaxing shaving experience.

    Do you experience razor burn every time you shave? Say goodbye to these painful moments as this product is infused with T´è_´è__flose'´è_´è___ extracts _´è_´è__´è_´è____ an active ingredient that reduces inflammation while retaining your skin_'´è_´è___s soft texture.

    This grooming essential also contains oak water that is known for its astringent and toning properties. It minimizes pores, heals minor cuts faster, relieves irritations, and prevents fungal infections. Combine these protective qualities with the moisturizing features of olive oil, and you get a solid shield that keeps your post-shaved face looking young and dashing all the time.

    This product is packaged in a compact bottle, so you can treat your face with the love and care that it deserves, even when you_'´è_´è___re on the go.

    Size _´è_´è__´è_´è____ 50ml

    Made in France

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