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    • Refill
    • Coconut & Sunflower oil for healthier skin and UV protection
    • Shea butter for a smooth shave

    Your favorite shaving soap from Osma is now available in a 130g refill pack. And the good news is that it's still filled with all the good stuff that you love, only in a different package.

    If you're tired of your grizzly and rugged look, transform into a well-shaved and classy gentleman with this specially-formulated grooming essential for men. This product is filled with natural ingredients; making it suitable for men with sensitive skin. It contains coconut oil which prevents the epidermis from cracking, giving you healthier-looking skin with every use. It also has sunflower oil that leaves a protective shield against harmful UV rays and prevents irritation, dryness, and premature signs of aging. Osma Tradition Shaving Soap is enriched with Shea butter that lets the blade glide smoothly on the surface, while providing the moisture and nourishment that your face needs.

    To create a more compact and smooth foam, apply and lather on the skin using a high quality badger brush.

    Size: 130g

    Made in France.

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