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    Wowza! Brighten your senses and wake up well with this coffee for your face? Perhaps you've seen these products advertised on TV or the internet? It seems that caffeine-infiltrated products are now taking the shaving world by storm due to their face-pleasing-cosmetic benefits. Say goodbye to redness. Say goodbye to razor burn. Say good morning to a fresh shave and a bright, new day! Invigorate your morning routine with a little caffeine, on your face that is...

    Pacific Shaving Co. Caffeinated Aftershave encourages you to shave smart and finish well with this delightful aftershave infused with ingredients like shea butter, coconut, aloe, green tea, and of course caffeine that naturally smooth and assuage the skin promoting a healthy appearance. This antioxidant-plush product will close those pores and edify your skin after that close encounter with your razor. Keep that good morning feeling going all day long after you shave with this delightful aftershave! Be refreshed! You might even look forward to waking up early tomorrow...

    *Caffeinated shaving cream also available.

    Size: 3oz/89ml

    Made in the USA

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