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    Most of us won't leave our homes in the morning without that cup of joe, a healthy breakfast, and a hot shower to wake up and jump start our day. However, more often than not we do forget one or all of these and suffer the effects later. We recommend you add Pacific Shaving Co. Caffeinated Shaving Cream to your morning routine in order to kick start your day off right! Many of us won't hesitate to ingest a highly-caffeinated energy drink or Starbucks on our way to school or work, but have you considered adding caffeine directly to your face to assist in eliminating your morning stubble? We are convinced this will be one of the "best parts of waking up" for you!

    In addition to a lively and luxurious shave, this shaving cream possesses many invigorating and therapeutic properties such as being infused with organic and safe ingredients like antioxidants, aloe, spearmint, and caffeine. Who would have thought caffeine would have so many natural and skin-pleasing results!? We don't recommend drinking it (even if you run out of coffee, Red Bull, or Mountain Dew), but we do advise using it for your face's next date/dance with a razor! Here's to your face's better health and a rejuvenating shave!

    *Caffeinated aftershave also available.

    Size: 3oz/89ml

    Made in the USA

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