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New Batch Of WCS Infinity Shaving Brushes Now Available!
New Batch Of WCS Infinity Shaving Brushes Now Available!

PantaRei Manchurian Badger Shaving Brush, "Le Cubisme, The Knights"

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SKU SB-PAN-032-1
  • Traditional shaving brush
  • Loaded with Manchurian badger hair
  • Handcrafted ceramic handle

PantaRei is the handcraft of artisan Alessandro Pistoia. This passionate classic shaver and collector birthed an idea to combine the beauty of antique ceramic art with the necessary and vital wet shaving tool: the brush. Located in the Sicilian capital of Palermo, this artisan is offering hand-painted brushes reminiscent of the pottery found all around island. With exceptional quality and unique designs, you get a one-of-a-kind grooming requisite.

Badger hair is often the first choice for wet shavers since it offers such great benefits, but getting a luxurious brush also comes with a price tag. With this Manchurian badger you get exceptional benefits without breaking the bank. This brush has great water retention, good backbone, and soft face feel. What more could you want?

Handpainted with the profiles of knights in a Cubist style. This bright, colorful handle will be the talking point of your shaving den. 

Description from the Vendor

The PantaRei shaving brush is made by skilled Sicilian artisan hands. Be it ceramic, horn, wood or a combination of these materials, the brush remains one of a kind. The possible presence of discrepancies is proof of its craftsmanship.

BRUSH ACTIVATION: Pass the knot under lukewarm running water for about half a minute. Next, wipe the tuft well with a dry towel, opening the knot gently. Leave to rest for 24 hours.

NEXT USES: Wet the knot under lukewarm running water for a few seconds, squeeze it well and proceed with shaving. After use, rinse and clean the knot, drying it thoroughly with the aid of a towel. Store, if possible, upside down.    

Made in Italy