PantaRei Shaving Soap, Gattopardo

After Ibla, we thought of a soap that stood out for its elegance, the typical elegance of the Sicilian baronate, protagonist of the Leopard era in Sicily.

An exclusive PantaRei fragrance, produced in France by skilled hands and lofty noses, considered a fragrance suitable for every season: fruity tip that turns in the brief to the spicy / leathery never intrusive (cinnamon) and as a background, woods and resins.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Shaving soap: moisten the surface of the soap with a light layer of warm water. Leave to work for a few seconds and deposit the liquid thus formed in the eventual bowl lathering or eliminate it in case of face lathering. To lathe directly in a soap bowl, work on the surface of the soap with a slightly damp brush (avoid excess water when loading the brush), charging the brush properly. You can then lathering  in the face or continue to lathering in a separate bowl, at the customer’s discretion. Add water if necessary, thereby balancing the level of hydration of the soap. Rinse the soap bowl and let it rest, during the time of shaving, upside down in order to drain any excess water.

Below the olfactory pyramid:

Bamboo, Blackberry (fruit)

Leather, Pine, Cinnamon

Cypress, Sandalwood, Benzoin.