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    • Great quality razor at a great price from Parker
    • Chrome-plated, three-piece design
    • Open-comb, heavyweight

    For over four decades, Parker has been creating and innovating fine grooming supplies. This Parker 24C Safety Razor proves the point. A beautifully crafted, well-designed, open-comb razor for to make wet shaving aficionados drool. A great razor at a great price = Parker.

    The 24C is an open comb model. That means that the "teeth" of the guard are open, exposing more of the blade. In general, this type of razor is more aggressive than its closed comb counterparts, because more of the blade touches the skin. This can benefit the user, too. Less lather build up on the guard means more lubrication stay on your face. More blade can mean more efficient hair removal and fewer passes of the blade. All of this equals less irritation.

    This quality razor is a polished chrome delight. It is a standard, three-piece design and takes your favorite DE blade. (Don't have a favorite? Check out a sample pack.) The knurled, textured handle is perfect for wet environments. And at over 3 oz. this is a heavyweight razor, perfect for letting the heft of the razor do the work, not a lot of pressure is needed. There is a reason it is nicknamed "The Smooth Shaver".


    • Weight: 3.3 oz
    • Handle Length: 4 inch

    Made in India

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