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    • Safety razor from Parker
    • 3-piece, open comb design for a more aggressive shave
    • Black with chrome plating


    For over forty years, Parker has been crafting razors and wet shaving accessories with an eye toward quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction. To that end, they have an extensive line of safety razors to meet or exceed your expectations. But Parker 26c Safety Razor, Black & Chrome is creating a lot of buzz.

    This safety razor is Parker's first open comb offering. That means that this grooming utensil is more aggressive than its closed comb counterpart. (An open comb has "teeth" which expose the blade, allowing more of it to touch your skin). Those who master this razor love that it is efficient, leaves more lubricating lather, requires fewer passes, and results in less irritation.

    This lovely essential is brass with chrome plating, in a traditional 3 piece design. The handle is black with a knurled grip - perfect for wet hands. At around 3oz., it is a hefty razor, ready to give you an exceptionally close shave. "Perfect shaves every time, by far the best razor for the price," said one reviewer.

    Get your hands on this one! Parker 26C Safety Razor, Black & Chrome.

    Size: approx. 3oz.

    Made in India

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