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    • Butterfly head for easy blade changing
    • Black, no-slip grip handle
    • Nickel-plated head


    Love double edge wet shaving, but hate changing those blades? Well, for nearly four decades Parker has be crafting solutions to classic shaving problems. With the Parker 96R Safety Razor, they've made changing blades a snap. . . er, well, more like a twist. Get this long-handled, butterfly-style, quality-constructed safety razor.

    The butterfly head means this is a one-piece razor. A twist on the end of the handle opens up the butterfly doors on the head. You can quickly dispose of the used blade and drop in a new one. Then another twist closes the doors and you are ready to shave. Easy-peasy! If you change your blade frequently, this is exactly what you need. Find your favorite with a sample pack from West Coast Shaving.

    But the benefits don't stop at convenience. This is also a beauty. The black knurled handle is long and provides a sure grip. The frame is all brass with a nickel plated head. At 3.0 ounces you can let the razor do the work, great for new or experienced shavers alike. Closeness and comfort - just what you want from your grooming utensil.

    Length: 4.3 inches

    Weight: 79 grams

    Made in India