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    Ebony Handle. Classic hourglass design. Chrome-ringed at the knot. Solid balance and smooth feel to handle. Stubborn backbone. Perfect for shaving soaps or creams. Matching ebony plastic drip stand included! Medium-large sized brush.

    Color: Black

    Total Height: 108mm
    Loft: 55mm
    Knot Diameter: 22mm
    Hair: Silvertip Badger

    (Dimensions are approximations).

    Weight: 0.35 lbs.

    Made in India

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    Fits the following stands:

    OP-WCS-312 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 312, Chrome
    OP-WCS-313 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 313, 30mm, Black
    OP-WCS-314 --- $19.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 314, 30mm, Rosewood
    OP-WCS-315 --- $14.99 --- West Coast Shaving Stand 315, 30mm, Chrome
    OP-Ome-206 --- $17.00 --- Omega 27mm Gold Shaving Brush and Razor Stand

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