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    • Elegant shaving brush with black badger hair
    • Hair contrasts with the marbled ivory-esque handle with a chrome foot
    • Includes small stand for proper drying and storage


    If you've gotten lost in the world of expensive brushes, knots density, hair grades, and handle size. Take a deep breath. Let Parker be a breath of fresh hair with a quality brush that won't break the bank. The Parker Marbled Ivory Black Badger Shaving Brush will meet all your expectations: value, design, function.

    This is a stunning piece with the contrasting black badger hair in a marble effect, ivory-esque handle with a chrome foot. It certainly makes a statement. This is a sturdy brush with a well-made handle so you feel like you are gripping something solid as you lather. These are details that you find on brushes twice as expensive.

    And speaking of lather. You will be delighted with your 100% black badger bristles. They retain water well and are the stiffest badger hairs with a good backbone, so you can whip up a great froth from a hard puck as well as your favorite cream. Those strands need to be cared for well, so be sure to dry your brush between uses. A stand comes in handy for proper storage and drying (and you'll want to show off this masterpiece on your vanity anyway). So, your purchase comes with a small stand.


    • Knot - 22mm
    • Loft Height - 56mm
    • Handle Height - 52mm
    • Total Height - 108mm

    Made in India

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