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  • Straight-type razor from Parker
  • Holds 1/2 DE blade in the head for a fresh shave every time, no stropping or honing
  • Silver-colored handle
  • De Blades not included

Parker is a family owned, grooming supply business. But they don't just supply them - they use them. And they are committed to providing exemplary products to their customers. For over four decades, they have built a name for themselves. Their "products are handcrafted and undergo extensive engineering and quality testing." So, try out their popular "shavette" option: Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor.

This "barber" or "shavette" option means that it uses replacement blades. There is no stropping or honing required so you save cost and time in maintenance. Just invest in some inexpensive blades and you are good to go. It takes 1/2 of a double edge blade inserted into the holder (blades not included) . So you can have a fresh edge whenever you want. This is great for those who want the sharpest shave every time, or professionals who need to change out blades between customers.

The "holder" is genuine stainless steel with a rounded end to disperse pressure from the blade. The attractive gleaming handle is embossed with the Parker name and "since 1973. . ." The razor folds for storage and to protect the sharpness! Enjoy the quality and shave you get from this Parker essential.

Shown with WCS302 Straight Razor Stand (Optional)

Made in India.

  • Brand: Parker
  • Type: Straight Razor

Parker SR1 Barber Straight Razor

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