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$50 Best Selling WCS Silvertip Shaving Brush!
$50 Best Selling WCS Silvertip Shaving Brush!

Parker SRB Barber Straight Razor, Black

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  • Shavette type razor from Parker means you always have a sharp blade
  • Snap/lock head makes changes blades a snap
  • Black, plastic handle and stainless steel blade arm

Don't leave the straight-edge to the professionals! Learn to shave the "cut-throat" way with this exceptional tool from Parker. The Parker SRB Barber Straight Razor is the perfect value to perfect your shave technique. Before you invest in strops and honing stones, give this shavette a try.

For nearly 4 decades, Parker has been serving the needs of wet shavers with quality utensils. The SRB Barber Straight has a black, plastic handle and stainless steel arm, nicely weighted and balanced so that you can hone your technique. And with a "shavette" head, you can replace the blades with half of any DE blade without stropping or honing. In this design, you lift the "gate", remove the old blade, place a new blade on the copper pins, and close the gate, securing the blade in place. Razor can be cleaned thoroughly and blade kept sharp in this design.

This razor is great for

  • first time users. For the price, you can't beat the chance to try out straight edge shaving.
  • travelers. When you don't have a lot of space, this is a great option when on-the-go.
  • DE blades not included.
  • those with irritation and ingrown hairs. Straight edge shaving (when done right) often results in a more efficient shave and fewer problems.
  • hairstylists. A razor of this type is also great for cutting hair on your head as well as the scruff on your face.

Size: 6" x 2" x 0.5"

Made in India

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Good first time razor

I am (a girl) using this to shave my legs and it's been a great introduction to a very different way of shaving. I've pretty much gotten the hang of it--only a few minor cuts--and it beats using regular razors. I also feel like a badass, so there's that. I bought several blade brands but haven't picked out my favorite yet. I think the hinge might be a tad looser now but I keep a firm grip on it so it's not a problem. I do take it apart to dry it after each use because I don't like the idea of water and such sitting in there. The shipping was very fast, but I do live in the same state :) I can definitely see myself getting a proper straight razor down the line.

United States United States
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Fine for what it is

I do think it's a good first step into the world of straight razors, but the bar to entry is pretty high. I like that I can use my double edge razor blades, and set up is a breeze. However, it took me a good 10 minutes and tons of YouTube videos before even trying it. I don't like how thoughtful I have to be, and the angles I have to twist. That said, I'll probably use it for travel.

  • Value for Money
Works great!

It's my faveorite way to shave! It works great! The plastic needs to be higher quality, it's kind of soft - it could be rigid is all I'm saying, and I have seen it go for 12 bucks before, and I think its the proper price for it.

Harold R.
Straight razor

I thought this was going to come with a razor but it didn't come with anythjng

Pete N.
  • Value for Money
Heavier than the Dovo Shavette is a plus

The Parker has a stainless blade holder vs. the Dovo plastic. It's heavier, which makes it easier for me to control. The plastic "handle" is a little off angle, so I have to be careful closing it, but iOK for the price. Don't get the Parker with the metal "handle", it doesn't balance as well.