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    • Travel brush from Parker
    • Loaded with pure badger hair
    • Full-size head unscrews and slips into tube for travel

    Are you ready to roll? If your life is planes, trains, and automobiles, then you need to ready to face whatever comes your way. Having the right tools makes that possible. Try Parker Travel Shave Brush, Brushed Aluminum, Pure Badger and face each day with confidence - no matter where you are.

    This ingenious travel brush is actually a full-sized 20mm knot in handmade pure badger hair. The design allows the head to screw off and slip into the lightweight but durable brushed aluminum tube. The ventilated cap allows the brush to breathe if you can't get it completely dried before adventuring calls. If you've every had a brush destroyed rolling around in the bottom of a dopp kit then you can appreciate the design of this product to save your precious brush head.

    The pure badger strands produce an exceptional lather on pucks or creams so you can get the shave you need. The brushed aluminum tube sends out a James Bond vibe as you slip this sleek device into your leather toiletry bag. And the price can't be beat!

    That's how you roll: Parker Travel Shave Brush, Brushed Aluminum, Pure Badger.


    • Knot - 20mm
    • Assembled - 6 inches
    • Compacted - 3.75 inches

    Made in India

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