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30% Off WCS Shaving Scuttles, Bowls, and Stands!

Parker Variant Adjustable Razor, Graphite

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  • adjustable double edge safety razor
  • 2-piece, graphite knurled handle
  • knob on handle allows you to change from mild to aggressive

Released to rave reviews, this Parker Variant Adjustable Safety Razor might be your new favorite, too. For over forty years, Parker has been crafting razors and wet shaving accessories with an eye toward quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction. To that end, they have an extensive line of safety razors to meet or exceed your expectations. But this adjustable option might just meet all your hopes and dreams in one gleaming package.

All brass-construction gives this utensil a nice weight. The 3.5 inch handle is a nice length with a elegant graphite-colored non-slip knurling. (Slippery-handed shavers rejoice!). This razor used to be black but now are graphite and elecro-plated for a better finish. The two-piece design allows for easy blade changes. Just ensure that you match the mark on the cover and the base plate so that the adjustment part of the razor is calibrated correctly. Be sure not to over-tighten!

And speaking of adjustment- this wonderful tool allows you to "dial in" the perfect shave. The knob on the bottom of the handle can be turned to adjust the spacing on the blade for a mild to aggressive shave. 1 is the mildest setting while 5 gives you an aggressive option. It is always best to start on the mildest setting and move up from there as you get used to the razor. Great for beginners to experts alike. You can accommodate all kinds of differences from facial hair thickness to skin sensitivity to experience level. This razor comes in graphite or stunning satin chrome.


  • Weight: 4oz/110g
  • Length: 4in
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Jose M.
United States United States
The Game is Afoot!

This and my Rockwell 6C are currently dueling it out to see which is my favorite. Excellent razor!

Jorge A.
United States United States
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Great razor overall, very good for first timers

So this was my first razor, and I completely love it. While I don't have much experience for a fair comparison. The razor feels great in the hand, and I really like the adjustable blade angle.

A West Coast Shaving Customer
Charlie D.
United States United States
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Facial Lawnmower

This safety razor is a beast! My third adjustable safety razor, the Parker Variant provides one of the closest shaves at the lowest setting I have ever experienced with Astra blades. A word to the wise: do not exert any pressure when using this incredible piece of craftsmanship. I have not had to go to a high (open) setting, but I am sure that it’s like a lawnmower on the tallest (prairie grass) beards. Use caution. Highly recommended.

Rahul B.
United States United States
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A great and affordable shave

This is a very affordable adjustable razor. It is well made and calibrated. The ability to start at a more aggressive setting and dial it down for subsequent passes is very helpful. It has become my go to razor. I highly recommend it.

Stephen T.
United States United States
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Back to safety blades

After around 50 years since shaving with a safety razor, I decided to jump back in. Have used disposables, in the past and Gillette Sensor 3 and Mach 3 most of the time. Also tried a couple of the Club razors and their blades. Have tried some electric razors in the past also. Never found an electric that gave a me close shave without a lot of skin irritation. I have a beard, so only shave cheeks and neck. I grew the beard in gradually (side burns kept getting longer till they reached the chin, then moved across to the mouth and mustache) because shaving was such an irritation. For that reason, I rule out some of the disposable blades because the heads are too big or wide to manage the edges of the beard with any precision. Searched the safety razor market a few years ago, but decided to stay with the Mach 3 at that time. A revisit recently led me to this razor and a sample pack of blades to try anew. Hasn’t been long enough to give a full evaluation yet, but so far I like the balance of the razor, and have tried a number of settings to experiment with closeness and comfort. It will take a while longer to find a blade that I like with a setting that works best with my beard. So far, I really like the feel of the razor on my face, and I think it does a better job than the Mach 3. Closer and smoother with less irritation and less effort. As I bonus, I haven’t even nicked myself yet, much to my surprise. My toughest shaving area is my neck where the beard hair grows in every direction everywhere. Hard to get a close shave there even with 2 or more passes in different directions. First try with this produced a shave that was smoother than the Mach 3 in 2 passes with fewer strokes. It will take a while to find a blade and setting that I really like depending on when I last shaved (sometimes 2 to 3 days of growth), but I feel I have found something that is more effective that the name brands and that will last me the rest of my days.