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    • straight-edge razor
    • disposable blades
    • popular with professional barbers

    Personna keeps you sharp. And with their Monsieur Charles No. 800 razor there is no excuse for a dull blade again. For those straight razor aficionados out there, this grooming essential has all the charm of an old world shave with the convenience of modern blades.

    If you love your straight razor, but hate to sharpen it, then you will love this razor. Instead of spending time and money on a strop, you can simply insert a new, factory sharp blade whenever you need it. On the go or at home, you can guarantee a close shave.

    This razor has a red, translucent handle that is specially designed to take most single edge injector blades. It has more substance and weight to it than other disposable straight edges so it has a more traditional feel. The solid, well-balanced tool acts like a conventional straight edge to give you what you need in your grooming routine. Designed to fit with the Personna Mini Shaper Injector Blades, the blades change out easily and hold tightly. Blades are not included.

    Extremely popular with barbers who have to swap out blades between costumers for sanitation reasons, the same convenience can be yours - a quality shave every time.

    Size: 3 x 2 x 3 inches, razor only (blades not included)

    Made in China

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