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  • Popular double edge razor blade
  • Coated with ‚platinum chrome‚
  • Available in 10 pack or 100 pack

Same Great Blade. New Packaging.

Personna blades are platinum coated and offer a comfortable shave. They are made from premium super stainless Swedish steel. These platinum-chrome blades offer great longevity and a close shave.

This popular blade is much beloved by wet shavers around the world. In this packaging, you can get a 10 pack of blades to try them out. Or, if you know you love them, grab this economical 100 blades (10 packs of 10 blades).

Known previously as Red Personna Israeli packaged in the UK double edge razor blades that fit all standard double edge razors. They are a stainless steel blade with a "Platinum Chrome" coating for smooth shaving.

Size: 10 pack of blades OR 10 packs of 10 blades each (100 blades total).

New blades are now manufactured in Germany.

  • SKU: RB-PUK-001-P
  • Brand: Personna
  • Type: Razor Blades

Personna Platinum Chrome Double Edge Razor Blades

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