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    This Pinaud Clubman Shave Powder - Flesh/Neutral is made for shaving. It comes in a neutral tone, which doesn't make much difference, as you usually use it before you actually groom. In fact, if you're one of those guys out there that prefer using an electric razor, this is a product that you should know about. It can help lubricate those devices a bit, preventing them from causing irritation and giving you a better result all around. This is one of the products that people who have sensitive skin should pay attention to, as it's excellent for protection.

    Containing a unique blend of Cornstarch, Zinc Oxide and Kaolin keeping your skin feeling dry and smooth.

    To use this, all you have to do is rub some of the 4-ounce container onto your face. It will stick, and it will provide you with that little bit of extra insulation against trauma from a grooming device. Of course, this can also be used in other ways, such as sprinkling in shoes to absorb moisture and putting on other parts of your body such as your armpits, where you want a little bit of freshness and where you just need to get rid of some extra humidity now and then. This is excellent stuff, and the bottle will go a long way.

    Size: 4 oz

    Made in the USA.