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    Pinaud Moustache Wax, here in the Black option, puts you in control of your facial hair. It's designed to add a bit of volume to your stash, it has some conditioning properties, and it has coconut oil in it, so it smells great. It is made out of beeswax; and combined with the coconut oil, that provides a lot of hold. You put it on with a comb and style your facial hair however you wish. You'll have plenty of control over it, so you don't have to worry about it getting away from you, and this stuff holds very well.

    If you want one of those old school looks, this is really something you're going to need to do it. Particularly if you want handlebars, you'll need this or a product similar to it that gives you a lot of hold and that can last all day. The great thing about this is that, even though it does have so much power to it, it washes out very easily when you wash your face. This is a perfect way to make yourself look very distinguished, very cowboy like or, if you're so inclined, you can get an all-out villain look and twirl away at your mustache when you're launching sinister plans.

    Size: .5 oz

    Made in the USA.

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