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    • Curated pack of popular styling aids
    • 6 different scents
    • Economical


    If youŠ—Ève spent any time at all on wet shaving blogs, forums, and sites, you know that there are a plethora of choices for your grooming pleasure - scents, consistencies, ingredients, and more. And if youŠ—Ève spent any time at all on our site, you know that we are all about helping you navigate the labyrinth that is before you. In fact, our very existence is owed to the small-but-mighty sample pack (an ingenious way to get your feet wet without a full commitment.) We started with razor blade packs over ten years ago and weŠ—Ève grown to include soaps/creams, aftershaves, and now, pomades. So, we are very excited to introduce to you our new pomade sample pack! Six different bestsellers will help you get your feet wet.

    • Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade - Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade allows you to get an incredible hold for your hairstyle that lasts all day. This has a semi-sheen appearance, it goes on very easily and smoothly, and it is completely water-based. It works on just about any hair type and is particularly well suited for people who like a pompadour style or slicked back style.
    • Uppercut Deluxe Pomade Š—– Uppercut Deluxe delivers the knockout look you want with a water soluble, super strong pomade. It has a great coconut scent and is perfect for all your vintage styles.
    • Suavecito Pomade, Original Hold - Suavecito Pomade Original Hold gives you the option of a wet or dry look. It has a wax texture to it, but it's very easy to wash out of your hair at the end of the day. Not only does this pomade hold well, it smells great. It's classy and classic at the same time.
    • Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade - Versatile, slick, and professional. Give your strands a natural-looking shine with just a small amount of this pomade, or apply a little more to get that classic and suave look. Its strong yet pliable quality allows you to restyle your hair if you suddenly feel that your look is out of place.
    • Bona Fide Pomade, Super Superior Hold - This Bona Fide product is their strongest hold pomade - stronger than superior hold. It is water-based so it washes clean out of your hair and doesn't build-up. When you want to rock some deep waves or a tall pomp, you need this fresh citrus scented product.
    • High Life Voodoo Brew I Pomade - DAX High Life Voo Doo Brew I Pomade gives a heavy hold for most hair types with an easy mold for perfect shaping and sculpting. Bonus for our darker haired friends: this pomade is cleverly tinted a darker tone to reduce the appearance of flakes. It will give you a great hold for any classic look, pomps or jelly rolls. And the delicious light coconut scent gives you just one more reason the Voo Doo Brew needs to be in your pomade arsenal.

    Grab this pack and rock your slick backs, pomps, jelly rolls, surf hair, and more to your hearts content.

    Size: 6 pomades in sample size screwtop jars.